Village of Bridgeview

The Village of Bridgeview was approaching contract term renewals for voice and data services from various vendors. The Village also needed to modernize their telecom facilities to eliminate ongoing service disruption,yet the vendors and providers were unwilling to collaborate and propose a practical solution.It was critical that all telecom changes were non-disruptive to business operations, were competitively priced, and they accounted for any shortcomings that were realized with past vendors.

Affected entities included the Village Hall, Police and Fire departments, Public Works departments, Park District, Sports Dome, and Toyota Park - a Major League Soccer stadium owned and operated by the Village of Bridgeview.


  • New Voice Service Provider
  • New Data Provider for Wide Area Network


  • Village Specification Gathering in Concert/Support of IT Staff
  • Voice & Data Vendor Research
  • Success Criteria for Project
  • Vendor Proposal reviews
  • Vendor Interviews, Meetings & Discussion
  • Proposal Reviews
  • Vendor Terms & Conditions Reviews
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Order Tracking
  • First Invoice Reviews, Technology Updates, Monthly, Quarterly, etc.
  • Life Cycle Management


  • Reliable Service Vendors for Voice & Data
  • Local Support for Voice & Data Vendors
  • More Aggressive Contract Terms & Pricing
  • More Data Bandwidth
  • Different Technology Choices for Business Continuity
"Vision96 has been an invaluable resource for the Village, leading us to make well-informed decisions that are relevant, value-driven, and effective. Adam and his team enabled the Village to utilize our taxpayer's dollars more efficiently, ultimately helping us provide better services to our community."
- Jonathan Butkus, IT Manager, Village of Bridgeview