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Cloud & Data Center Services

If your business is looking to expand its IT capabilities, Vision96 can partner your company with cloud and data center solutions that will facilitate growth and help you reach your connection needs.  Whether you’re looking to purchase, own and operate server space, or interested in renting hosted space, we can find the solution that best fits your organization’s goals.

Infrastructure as a Service

As a fundamental service model of cloud computing, IAAS is a scalable solution for enterprises to build cost-effective IT platforms with access to resources in a virtual (cloud) environment across a public network (like the Internet.)


For companies of any size that want the benefits of a large IT department, colocation solutions are designed to help businesses focus on IT output, rather than the underlying logistical support.  Colocation enables companies to rent physical space in a secured location for their servers and allows businesses to share bandwidth.


Vision96 partners its clients with the managed hosting solutions that best fit their customers’ needs.  We have various hosting providers capable of helping you get the most out of your business’ web presence.

Platform as a Service

Another service model of cloud computing enabling developers to build applications on provided platforms.  Perfect for software & web developers, as well as businesses of any size looking for hosted cloud storage and space, PAAS means there is no investment in physical infrastructure, yet businesses still maintain secure access to the platform from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Items to Consider

  • Customized solutions for businesses of any size wanting to expand IT capabilities
  • Optimal physical and virtual security
  • Focus on IT staff and department, without worrying about underlying infrastructure

Find the solution that's right for you!