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Internet Services

The internet has become a part of the operational infrastructure for the majority of all companies – supporting everything from competitive research needs, email or Instant Messaging, to a gateway to quickly transfer large amounts of data and information. Technology provides several varying transport options, each unique with pros and cons, Vision96 has the experience to guide and advise a company towards the best solutions based on daily utilization, security needs,  and budgets.   The available options include:


an internet transport option provided through cable operators allowing for small to very high amounts of data utilization, but traditionally functions as a shared transport with neighboring businesses.


digital subscriber line that operates over a regular telephone line.  It is not a shared transport method, but the quality and speed is dependent on how far away your company resides from the provider’s central office (CO).

Burstable or On-demand Internet

for businesses that don’t have a consistent need for high download and upload speeds that drive the cost of the transport, burstable is a lower cost alternative that requires a company only pay for the infrequent occasions that a high download or upload speed is necessary.

High Capacity & Fiber

the latest in internet connectivity types, and operates over an optical network using light.  Typically more reliable the copper wire connections such as DSL or Cable.

Dedicated Internet

a good solution for businesses demanding a secure internet solution that is always on, connecting from one facility directly to another facility

Items to Consider:

  • VPN – (Virtual Private Network) Are you using the internet to communicate and/or network privately between internal or external offices?
  • Availability – Depending on where your company is located, not all options are available options
  • Daily Data Usage – to help determine the best resource options, as well as pricing
  • Cost and Contract – most providers have several variables built into their pricing and their contracts.  The length of the contract should align to the anticipated growth of the company
  • Terms of Service – all providers will have terms that may or may not meet the needs of your company.  Consider limitations such as data caps, or restrictions such as running a web or file server

  • Reliability – Traditionally providers include a Service Level Agreement as part of their contract – providing assurances regarding the performance of their service, such as jitters, mean time between failures, or mean time to repair or recover various data rates
  • Add-ons and Special Features – many ISPs will provide additional features to increase the value of the service you subscribe to, such as virus or mal-ware, a branded email address, and web page or free Wi-Fi hot spots
  • Customer Support – bandwidth problems oroutages are rare but when they do occur, 24/7 customer support is critical

Find secure Internet solutions that meet your budget!