Proactive Monitoring

Remote monitoring and maintenance — a cost-effective solution to proactive network security.

With our help desk services, we provide 24/7 monitoring of critical components such as servers, infrastructure, data storage and network applications.

Our proactive monitoring services help you manage your company’s network, computer systems and IT security infrastructure. What will your business benefits from? Reduced costs, improved resources, and risk mitigation and avoidance associated with your IT environment.


What Is Proactive Monitoring With Vision96?

With proactive monitoring, every single activity that happens on your device, network or application is monitored to help improve and maintain performance and uptime around the clock.

  • Simplified system reporting and alerting
  • Highly trained, U.S. based professionals to provide service
  • Proactive monitoring of the core IT infrastructure
  • Pre-determined escalation and remediation process

The Benefits of Proactive Network and Application Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring allows us to identify and fix IT issues before they affect end users. We keep track of each and every activity that takes place on your company’s devices, networks and applications to ensure optimal performance and avoid downtime.

  • We can support a wide range of infrastructure types, such as remote offices, local networks and public, private and hybrid cloud models.
  • Combining data from security monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring and more is key to pinpointing potential problems and fixing them before they become larger issues.
  • We will monitor your system and find potential risks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all days of the year.

Proactive Monitoring Insights

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