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Move your business forward with server migration and deployment from Vision96.

Server migration and deployment benefits:

Save Time

A complete system deployment & migration is very challenging to handle yourself and can consume a lot of your time. A lot goes into transferring your company’s data, documents and information, and you cannot afford to miss running your business.

Decrease Downtime

System migration and deployment services should not be a painful process for your business. We help reduce downtime with our services so you can now focus on closing new business, servicing clients and freeing up valuable time for your business.


This is our business. We know migration and deployment, and we quickly get your systems back up and running.


Vision96 makes migrations and deployments simple and easy. We install the hardware and software, configure the system, and run tests to ensure your systems will be running effectively and successfully.

Vision96 is an invaluable partner. Their team helped us make well-informed decisions that enabled the Village to utilize our taxpayers’ dollars more efficiently and with a better solution than we thought was possible.

Mayor Steven Landek

IT Migration & Deployment Services


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