Unified Communications

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Why Unified Communications?

In today’s world people work together in different ways and use a lot of collaboration tools such as: web and video conferencing, voice mail, mobile, desktop sharing, instant messaging, VoIP services and more. Unified communications solutions provide a way to seamlessly integrate these tools and the user experience. Other benefits include:

  • Utilize a single system to manage multiple tools and platforms
  • Keep pace with future technologies
  • Future proof your investment
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • If one tool goes down, another is programmed to take over

Vision96 is an invaluable partner. Their team helped us make well-informed decisions that enabled the Village to utilize our taxpayers’ dollars more efficiently and with a better solution than we thought was possible.

Steven Landek Mayor

Unified Communications to Help you Grow and Service your Customers

Enhance Communication

We’ll help you establish a network that makes the most of new technologies and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Share Resources

We’ll create a solution that makes it easy to share information efficiently, and make the most of your network’s capabilities.

Specialized Expertise

We’ll layout a network that balances your data requirements and growth expectations, while keeping your budget firmly in mind.

Overcoming UC Challenges

The Real Cost of UC Downtime. We discuss how businesses are handling collaboration performance challenges relating to UC. Learn More

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