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Unified Communications

As your company grows, the need for more efficient communication options becomes more important to your business.  Vision96’s Unified Communications programs enable your company to integrate conferencing, voice, messaging, and data services into one comprehensive solution to meet the needs of your business.  No matter the size of your organization, our consultative approach to UC will ensure you are receiving the tools you need to stay connected.

Conferencing Services

Whether you need unified messaging, virtual conferencing solutions, telephony, call control, or all of the above, we can package audio solutions with web-based and video conferencing tools, enabling you to meet, talk, chat and share data with anyone, anywhere and from any device.


Beyond traditional voicemail messaging systems, unified messaging allows you to manage voicemails, emails, and instant messaging on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Vision96 solutions integrate various call and phone features, such as call forwarding, hold/resume, hands-free devices, and more, into unified systems operable from any device.  Communicate the way you want to communicate with the ability to relay calls from a desk phone to your cell, or forward calls from your cell to your desk phone.

Items to Consider

  • Seamless voice, conferencing and messaging integration
  • Real-time reporting gauging user behavior, content popularity, and social network interactions in virtual environments
  • Flexible systems that lead to increased productivity
  • Meet, collaborate and share from anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Consultative solutions to help lower operational expenses

Learn how Vision96 can help you solve your unified communications needs!